Somatic Exercises are simple, gentle, corrective exercises that help restore optimum function to muscles that have become tight.


These exercises restore sensory motor awareness and control to the brain and muscular system. Lucia believes they are a good complement to massage therapy and thus encourages you, her clients, to learn the movement patterns described below. (Scroll down for video demonstrations.) Do them in an easygoing, catlike manner so that they give you pleasure.

Once you have mastered each of the patterns and gained greater voluntary control of your muscles, you can move on to a daily maintenance program. For the exercises to be most effective, you must preserve what you have learned as a normal and permanent aspect of your bodily habits without any loss or erosion due to the daily stresses to which you may be subjected.

While the learning stage requires patient attention, the maintenance program requires only a short time each day to reinforce what you have learned. All that is required is a brief repetition of your movement patterns, to remind the sensory-motor tracts of your brain how to do them.

Pelvic Tilt. On your back, knees bent. Inhale and arch, exhale and flatten. Slowly, for one minute.
Lift Ups. On your belly, cheek resting on your hand. Lift head, arm and opposite left simultaneously. Inhale up, exhale slowly down. Three times each side. One minute.
Diagonal Crunch. On your back, knees bent. Left hand on left knee, right hand on head. Inhale and arch, exhale and flatten, bringing your elbow and knee towards each other. Three times each side. One minute.
Sidelying. Lying on your side, lift your head and foot simultaneously, bring the hips and ribs together. Inhale up, exhale slowly down. Three times each side. One minute.
Human X. On your back, reach up with your right hand, relax, extend your left leg. Three times. Repeat same with left hand-right leg. Now do figure eights, three times each direction. One minute, thirty seconds.
Dishrag. On your back, rotate, rotate arms in opposite directions. Turn head to upward palm, rotate knees in the opposite direction. One minute, thirty seconds.
Hip Movements. On your back, bend your knees and scoop your foot inwards and outward three times, switch legs. Move both legs together alternating bowlegged-knockkneed, three times. Keeping knees and ankles together, ski left and right, five times. One minute, thirty seconds.
Neck Movements. Sitting with both knees facing left, right hand on your left shoulder, rotate your trunk and head left, three times. Holding your trunk left, rotate your head only, three times. Now turn head and trunk in opposite direction, three times. Holding your trunk left, bring your right to the floor and lift your face to the ceiling while dropping your eyes to the floor and vice-versa. Three times. Repeat same on your side. One minute, thirty seconds.

Below are some videos demonstrating some of the exercises and explaining their therapeutic benefits in more detail.








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